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European & Domestic Cable & Wire

Sealcon, Inc, wire and cable

We offer cable & Wire from some of the top manufactures. Sealcon LLC is your source for wire and cable requiring RoHS, UL, CSA, Harmonized & CE approvals.

European Cable Section


All Weather Cables All-Weather Cable Media Cables Media Cable
Bio Flex Control Cables Bio Flex Control Cable Medium Voltage Power Cables Medium Voltage Power Cable
BUS Cables BUS Cable Multi Approval Cable: UL, CSA, CE, Hookup Wire Multi Approval Cable: UL, CSA, CE, Hookup Wire
Cables for Renewable Energy Cables for Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind) Pre-assembled Cables Pre-assembled Cable
Coaxial, Video & Loudspeaker Cables Coaxial, Video & Loudspeaker Cable PUR Cables (Humid Areas) PUR Control Cable (Humid Areas)
Compensating Cables Compensating Cable VDE Approved - PVC Control Cables PVC Control Cables (VDE Approved)
Control Cables Control Cable Robotics & Drag Chain Cables Robotics & Drag Chain Cable
Data & Computing Cables Data & Computer Cable All Weather Cables Rubber Welding Cable
Data Cables (CAT) CAT Data Cable Servo Cables, Feedback & Composite Cables Servo Cable, Feedback & Composite Cable
Flat & Ribbon Cables Flat Ribbon Cable Heat Resistance Cables Silicone Cable
Fiber Optics Cables Fiber Optic Cable Single Conductor Single Conductors / Hook Up Wire
Halogen-Free Cables Halogen-Free Cable Special Cables Special Cable
Harmonized Cables Harmonized Cable Spiral Cables Spiral Cable
Heat Resistance Cables Heat Resistant Cable Telephone, Fire Warning & Switchboard Cable Telephone, Fire Warning & Switchboard Cable
Single Conductor Hookup Wire - UL, CSA, CE Technical Information Technical Information
Installation Cables Installation Cable Traycables Tray Rated Cable
Intrinsically Safe Cable Intrinsically Safe Cable Vehicle Cables Vehicle Cable
Intrinsically Safe Cable UL AWM Wire

Domestic Cable Section


Flexable Control Cable UL/CSA/CE Flexible Control Cable UL/CSA/CE Traycables Tray, VFD Cable UL,CSA
BUS Cables BUS & Ethernet Cable CAT 5, 6, 7, USB 2.0 Servo Cables, Feedback & Composite Cables Servo Motor Cable UL, CSA
Fire Alarm LSHF Cable Fire Alarm LSHF Cable Heat Resistance Cables High Temp Cable UL,CSA,CE
Continuous Flexable Cables Continuous Flexable Cables UL,CSA,CE HAR Hookup Wire HAR Hookup Wire UL,CSA,CE
Reeling, Lift & Festoon Cable Reeling, Lift & Festoon Cable Torsion Wire Torsion Wire UL,CSA
Data, Sensor Cables Data, Sensor Cables UL,CSA,CE,PUR Flexable Power Cable Flexible Power Cable UL,CSA
Motor & Drive  Cables Motor & Drive Cables ETFE, FEP and PFA Cables ETFE, FEP and PFA Cables
Halogen-Free Cables Halogen Free Cable UL,CSA,CE Halogen-Free Cables DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable UL,CSA, MSHA
THHN Aluminum Cable | Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon | UL,CSA, Made IN USA THHN Aluminum Cable UL,CSA THHN Copper Cable | Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon Cable | UL,CSA, Made IN USA THHN Copper Cable UL,CSA
VNTC | Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable Control Cable Styled Image VNTC Cable UL,CSA SOOW UL Cable | S = Service Cord (600 Volts) OO = Oil Resistant both inside insulation and outside jacket. W =
                                                          CSA designation for weather/water resistance. TYPE SOOW Cable is for use in heavy-duty industrial applications where
                                                          flexibility and durability is required. SOOW UL Cable UL,CSA
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RoHS Compliant (Lead-Free)

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Sealcon is the Exclusive Importer of HUMMEL products. We offer over 6,000 different Types and Sizes of RoHS Compliant Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings, Cord Grips, Cable Glands, Circular Connectors, Conduit System, Industrial Enclosures and Other Related Cable Management Products which are rated the best in the industry.
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